Another Revenge…Another Sad Ending!

This part of my blog has been really exciting, challenging and interesting. This is the first time I have made an “actual” video. To be honest it’s not a piece a cake. I can now understand the level of work Adam puts in his Videos! I used Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software for this task. This was my first time using any professional editing software. At first I was little panicked. After watching several tutorials on Youtube and a lot of practice, I finally got hold of it. It’s more of a trial and error method rather than just learning everything from the scratch. It took me 2 days to actually learn it and get fluent with it. I have tried and explain the topic of my video in a form of a small story acted me and one of my friends. I took several shots mini clips , went to different places to shoot.

The research and reading for this video started with looking into all the Recommended readings provided to us. I first researched the topic on a broader level and then came out with question or the sub topic I wanted to focus on. Child pornography and teen pornography exploiting so many children and teens at such young age. I researched through some journal articles about teen sexting and its association with sexual behaviour, few news articles about paedophile cases. I also researched about Australian and American laws and policies about incident involving minors and sexual harassment. I found a study by Sullivan (2002) in which he found that there are over 2500 dating websites online. These websites are visited by over 40 million people every month. There was another survey conducted on some schools in Texas. Every student was asked about their involvement in sexting. The results were really surprising. I also found out cyber safety missions. Cyber safety and media literacy programs seek to raise awareness about the risks and effects of online media use, model ethical online behaviour, and encourage teachers and parents to help children engage with what they consume (Burton 2013) .

Think carefully abut what can happen before you take or send nude or semi-nude pictures or other similar content on your digital devices. You could be charged by as a felony by the police. Be careful!

The script writing and planning of the video took much longer time then I expected. I have used many short clips to comprise of the video. These clips are acted out by me and one of my friends. I filmed various situations at various angles. I have played a little bit with the speeds and trimming of the video. I have many voice over in the video. There is a layer of changing music in the video. All the music used in this video is under the creative common licence . I have tried to incorporate video and audio transitions throughout. There is also use of voice and volume modulation. I have trimmed edited and manipulated many acted scenes to fit it together and have tried to portray a hypothetical story about a boy and a girl. The storyline resolves around revenge and sexting and how it consequences. The whole video is shoot in the portrait mode. I used my phone’s camera to shoot the whole video . I tried to keep my scenes simple and easy to understand even without dialogues. This video is a result of hours of video editing, hard work and patience.

My broader online engagement

This unit of exploring digital media has been a stepping stone in my life. It helped to loose that hesitation that I had in talking to new people. I was active on social media now building online persona every passing day. I use twitter now. Tweet about things in my life. I am on About me , WordPress and LinkedIn. These engagements are helping me in building a good online identity for my future and professional life. Adding this video to youtube has expanded my online presence as I now have a referenceable piece of work for others to view and be educated by.




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