Story of my Life


Hello everyone, my name is Shivangi Sharma and I am 24 years old. This is a whole new experience for me. I have always been scared of writing essays and other things like this. I am going try this time! So, before I start with blogging about social media, digital media, communication and other related concepts , I want to tell you a few things about me.

I was born to an army officer and a teacher. I must say a tough combination. I was raised like a tomboy and ever since I have been like that. I completed my schooling in March, 2010. I was good in science, so my mom asked me to persue a career in it. I started studying medical sciences at a prestigious institution in India.

I did it for 2 years but I wasn’t happy studying a course that personally held no appeal to me. Slowly and gradually I realised that its not meant for me. I am not a person to cut open people, though dead, in order to study anatomy or sleep with a skeleton in my room! It was a tough decision to take, leaving it after 2 years, meant I had given away two years of my life and it had all been for nothing. Needless to say, it required aa hell lot of courage.
Life has been a roller coster ever since. I regret some parts of it but cherish most of it. I worked with MNCs after that for a while. I was blank at this point in my life. I had no direction. I knew i wanted to do something good with my life but wasn’t sure about it. So i took some time analyse the situation.


My mind is always been creative and eager to experience new things in life. I asked myself one question ,”What will make me happy?”. I just love clicking pictures. I feel pictures are the medium of capturing the moments and keeping them safe. So that one day, while you are sitting in a worn out rocking chair, you can snap open this pendora box of old memories, and tell all those vivid stories through these pictures to your kids or maybe grandkids or maybe just look at them and reminisce about the good ol’ days with a fond smile and a llone ear rolling down the cheek.


I also love travelling. Although i still have a lot left on bucket list. I am a big time animal lover. Wild life fascinates me too much. I can keep going like this!😀

Well all this made sense to me! I started looking for universities to apply. I came across Deakin and i knew this will be a decent choice for me. So here I am, pursuing my bachelors in Media and Communication where I wish to excel in travel media and photography in the future. I am also looking forward to learning about Public Relations in this course. I am really excited about my new life in Melbourne. I am loving this place and its exhilarating vibes.


2 thoughts on “Story of my Life

  1. Nice work Shivangi, great to see you starting to blog! You’ve got a strong voice in your writing – take care with your paragraphing (separate them out) for readability though, and why not show some of that creative flair by including one of your pics? 🙂 Try to work some readings and hyperlinks into future posts to make your blog more interactive and tease out the ‘general’ alongside the ‘particular’ (as discussed in my Week 4 Snapshot video… Keep it up! – Adam

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